Give Thanks

Psalm 136:1  Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.

In this season and time of Thanksgiving, many people say that they don’t know what they have for which to give thanks, for which to be thankful. Well, God is on the Throne and everything is going to be all right. How about a short list to jog your memory:

  • Give Him thanks if you travelled safely to and from work, for He watches over you.
  • Give Him thanks because you have the ability to live and move and have your being.
  • Give Him thanks for the eyes you see with and the ears you hear with.
  • Give Him thanks for the food in your pantry and on your table.
  • Give Him thanks for the air in your lungs and the life in your body.
  • Give Him thanks that you have a local house of worship where you can hear His Word rightly divided.
  • Give Him thanks that He has never failed you and His Word has shown you the path you should follow.
  • Give Him thanks for His living water has been poured out over you.
  • Give Him thanks that His angels have guarded and guided you.
  • Give Him thanks for He has given you the ability to declare that you are more than a conqueror through Christ who gives you strength.

We used to sing a chorus in church, “Give thanks with a grateful heart”; are we grateful for His many blessings? We have so much for which to give thanks; we merely need to remind ourselves of those blessings from time to time.

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