3. My work history

I have had a rich and varied work life.

As a part-time job while in high school in St Thomas, ON, I worked for a canvas products company, making tents and tarps and awnings. Corinne still insists that I can sew better than she can (not true, though).

I quit school before completing Grade 12, and joined the RCAF. The military pundits, in all their wisdom, decided that I was best suited to electronics work (rather than the police work I had dreamed of) and sent me to the Electronics School in Clinton, ON. After a year and a half of electronics and RADAR training, I was transferred to Comox, BC, as a newly-minted RADAR Technician.

After thirteen years in the Air Force, I sought a lifestyle change and accepted a job with NCR Canada in Waterloo, ON. My military grounding served me well and I stayed with NCR for over 23 years in their Engineering department. I started with NCR as group leader in the R&D labs (prototyping electronics and mechanical assemblies) and moved through PCB design, product life-cycle maintenance, software system test, and UNIX System Administration.

After leaving NCR, I have served as the in-house Chaplain in a Long Term Care facility in Kitchener, ON, ministering to the spiritual needs of both residents and staff. My wide and varied experience has given me something of a unique mixture of skills and talents.

After 23+ years with NCR, my function was outsourced to India. Bummer! After trying unsuccessfully to acquire gainful employment in the local high-tech sector, I decided that perhaps it was time to start working for myself, instead of for someone else. I started my own IT support business, concentrating on UNIX and Linux systems, called YunixWorks.

YunixWorks also seemed like another false start. Since being downsized by NCR in January of 2003, I had been downsized as a nursing home Chaplain, and downsized by a software development giant, and now I downsized myself and admitted that my foray into self-employment was not working as I had planned. But God had other plans (as he said in Jeremiah 29:11), and it seemed that all those apparent dead ends and false starts were His way of preparing me to fit His plans.

Through an incredible set of connections, God placed me in a vibrant Christian organization working with an awesome group of Christians, and utilizing the skillsets He has honed in me to help facilitate the ministry of others. For almost a year, I served as Manager of Operations for that ministry.

Along the way, I worked as a security guard at RIM, and doing some delivery driving for a local auto dealer.

Currently, in my “retirement”, I am driving a wheelchair bus / school bus for a local company in contract to the local school board. The kids on my bus all have challenges of one sort or another and do not generally communicate well. But they do receive input and respond with smiles and giggles and a wave or verbal response. Their situations give me a clear and immediate prayer focus with which to start each day.


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