2. Sid & Corinne

Sid and Corinne

Corinne has been the light of my life since high-school. We were introduced by my sister and dated for about a year. I threw a wrench into our relationship when I quit school before completing my senior year and went away to join the RCAF. But I came back, and Corinne agreed to become the wife of a serving Air Force member. She has been my stalwart supporter through all the trials of a young couple living far from home and family. Her strength and faith has kept us going when things seemed impossible; through seperation caused by military priorities, through long hours alone while I went back to school or to military courses, through anguish as I lay in a distant hospital bed.

After thirteen years in the Air Force, we decided that the military family lifestyle was not what we wanted for our children, now approaching their teen years. We accepted a position with NCR Canada and moved to Waterloo. Now, over three decades later, we are still in Waterloo. It has become home for us. We are part of a family of faith here, and have put down roots that help to sustain us.

Our two children, Andy and Tammy, are raising their own families. Andy and Heather, and their two sons Jason and Michael, live nearby in Waterloo. Tammy and Dean, and their two daughters Alyssa and Corrine, live in Ottawa.


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