5. Aircraft owner

Eventually, as most pilots want to do, I bought into my own airplane. I bought a half share in this Cherokee-II, a wooden homebuilt design with performance similar to the 1-26.

The Cherokee was my ticket to freedom in flight; no more time limits, no rental fees. In the first month of flying this ship, I did four C-badge flights on three weekends. My first 50 kM cross-country flight was from SOSA to Embro (however, I had forgotten to turn on my barograph). The next weekend, I flew from SOSA to Arthur (getting the 1000 meter height gain on the way), landed to get validation, then towed out of there and flew back to SOSA. The following weekend, I did my 5-hour duration leg at SOSA. The seating was quite uncomfortable, and my bum was numb for hours afterward.


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